This blog is published by Savas Papadopoulos (Dr. Business Admin. abd, M.B.A., B.Sc. Computer Science) and I welcome you to my blog!

I work now for a backup software company and developed an interest in business, innovation, and psychology while at university. My doctoral work in business administration and management focused mainly on innovation and how to judge an organization’s readiness to innovate ‘as a whole’.

The purpose of this blog is to describe, vent, invent, criticize, praise, demonstrate, and to reach out to others who may want to share their opinion and perspective. I hope we’ll have plenty of interesting discussions, too.

I sincerely wish to help my readers with this blog as I am a strong believer in knowledge sharing.

I am looking forward to reading your comments on my blog and hope you enjoy an article or two! Topics that will receive attention include: server backup software, VMware backup, computer backup, and cloud backup. I also publish on, YouTube, blogger, others, blogs, and leberhart.

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Disaster Recovery R&D, Entrepreneur, IT Architect



Disaster Recovery R&D at FastNeuron Inc., Baltimore, Maryland, USA
January 2001 – Present
BC Product Management

Software Developer at Deltalogic
June 1997 – December 1999  (2 years 7 months)
Automation Software


Senior Member
January 2004 to Present


BC Backup Software
January 2009 to Present

Backup software for Windows Servers, Hyper-V Servers, VMware Servers, and file server backups.

AQuA “Automated Quality Assurance”, Vehicle Crash Simulation System
December 2002 to December 2008
This system was developed in the period 2002-2008 for BMW’s Research and Innovation Center in Munich, Germany. It’s an innovative simulation and HW quality control platform to verify air bag passenger safety equipment in all current BMW vehicles.

Mirrio Enterprise Backup Solution
January 2007 to December 2008

High-volume, enterprise backup solution developed for Mirrio, Dublin, Ireland


“Observer” A Military-Strength Encrypted Multimedia Messaging and Backup Platform
January 2001 to December 2008

Implementation of a centralized video surveillance web service “Observer”, and secure data backup and messaging server software for Digital Perception Ltd, Ireland.


XapiX, Secure Media and Data Distribution System
January 2001 to December 2002

Implementation of IMDS and XMDS are secure media distribution systems now used by the FBI and various EU Police Departments to exchange media securely. Installed by Reuters at the South Korea FIFA World Cup 2002


FastNeuron “Financial Broker”
January 2000 to December 2001

Specialized financial database and CRM system for financial services companies and professionals.


Neural network circuit for temporal pattern recognition
German Patent DE19922079C1 Issued May 15, 1999
Inventors: Savas Papadopoulos

The neural network circuit (1) has several layers of neurons (R1,C1; R2,C2; R3,C3; R4,C4; R,2R,C7;
2R,4R,C9), with input signals for a time pattern sequence applied to a number of inputs (11,12,13,14). The
input signal are summated at a single output (41), to provide an output signal with a time dependency which
is characteristic of the pattern sequence….

Skills & Expertise

Disaster Recovery
Software Development
Information Security
Enterprise Software
IT Management
Product Management
Software Project Management
Program Management
Product Development
Data Center
Windows Server
Cloud Computing
Business Analysis
Web-based Software Development
IT Security Best Practices
Technical Writing
Marketing Communications
Disaster Risk Reduction
Data Backup Solutions
Innovation Management
Business Continuity
Microsoft SQL Server
Project Management
Cloud Storage
Offsite Backup
Backup & Recovery Systems
Backup Solutions
Online Backup
Quality Assurance


Northcentral University
Doctor of Business Administration, Management Science, ABD

University of Maryland
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Computer Science

University of Maryland
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Business Administration and Management, General


data backup solutions, cloud backup, Hyper-V and virtual backup, IT management, disaster recovery