Veeam Alternative

So at some point you’re looking at Veeam thinking their “free” backup software is great. But there’s a big catch. As you add servers and VMs to the system, you quickly reach the point where “free” isn’t “free” anymore; in fact, now all over sudden, their free solution costs you many thousands of dollars in order to keep it growing past the free level.The catch of the catch is, they want many thousands of dollars more than other solutions out there, which went unnoticed because the “free” label was such a great distraction.

The freemium model is somewhat a malicious, if not abusive, marketing model. The impression is that a product for free use is obtained without payment. You start investing a lot of time into it, to install it, to learn it, to use it, to set it up, to manage it, and so forth. Is you time worth something to you? Of course it is. That’s why after weeks or months of using the “free solution”, you finally realize where and how it was crippled and limited so that you need to upgrade to the real, expensive, overpriced solution. So that’s where they really want us to go, to the expensive real product, the one they want to sell. Of course we all know that, and yet we fall for it again and again.

They lured us in with “oh, it’s free, forever”. Now that we realize we wasted all this time trying it out, learning it, we feel like all that time and effort would go to waste if we don’t buy the product. And God forbid, switching to another product will incur even more labor and waste of time, so we tend to think. It’s so much easier just to bite the bullet and buy the overpriced product and move on with our lives.

OK free games are pretty much the same gimmick, almost. You play, get addicted, then you need to buy “tokens” to unlock the next level, in the real game. Granted, it’s a free trial. But it isn’t. While a game is entertaining even if you don’t buy it, you really waste valuable time trying free backup software. Time that could have been used wisely and more effectively. What’s worse, you waste money, too. The fix is simple, whenever the so-called “free backup software for Hyper-V” message reaches you, or whatever, it’s a great reminder and investment to look around and see what other options are out there. The free word has been abused like no other. The Coronavirus pandemic cuts into all of our wallets, so we can gain double, save time and money by doing some research, as was done in the article below to highlight Veeam, Acronis, Altaro, and Backup Exec alternatives:

Backup for Hyper-V without the Enterprise Price Tag