Free WebDrive, ExpandDrive, NetDrive Alternative

drivemakerlogoHere is a free WebDrive, ExpanDrive, FTPDrive, and NetDrive alternative to mount server files as a real local drive letter. You can access your SFTP and  FTP / FTPS site using a drive letter, such as X:\, and can even use the command prompt or any other application to access and edit them in place.

DriveMaker is free for commercial use, too!

DriveMaker is Freeware and Offers Real Drive Letter Access to Your  SFTP + FTP Files

For people who use cloud storage via FTP or SFTP and for web designers this freeware tool is a blessing. No more downloading and uploading through drag and drop FTP clients like FileZilla. You can now simply double click on the file and edit it. It’s then uploaded automatically.

Sure, Windows Explorer may offer a folder view as well, but it’s not a “real” drive letter and you can’t use that method for your applications. Using DriveMaker you can access your FTP files using any application you want. Even thumbnails load automatically in Windows Explorer, just as with a real local drive.

What else can be done using DriveMaker as FTP Drive?

You could edit your WordPress files on the fly, edit HTML, and maintain your website with ease. Simply use copy and paste and take a copy of all your files on your FTP site.

Anti-virus: run a virus scan on your FTP and SFTP sites.

Command Prompt: some people like the “DOS” interface offered by the Windows Command Prompt. Since DriveMaker maps a real drive, you can access your FTP files via command line applications as well.

Simple Installation: No Drivers Needed, Just 400KB Download

As a free alternative to WebDrive, ExpanDrive, and NetDrive, DriveMaker only requires .Net version 4. No drivers are installed and hence no reboots are needed. The download comes with a tiny installer of just 400KB.

While ExpanDrive, FTPDrive, NetDrive, and WebDrive are alternatives with additional options and protocols, only few users need all these options. And, all these features come with a price tag and complicate the user interface unnecessarily. When all you need is access your FTP site conveniently without an FTP client via a mounted drive, DriveMaker (freeware) is a great alternative.


Download DriveMaker Here:


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