Backup for Hyper-V without the Enterprise Price Tag

BackupChain provides fast and robust backup, recovery, and replication for virtual host servers running Windows Server, beginning with Windows Server 2008 all the way up to Windows Server 2019, including Hyper-V Server and Core installs of Windows.

But why do BackupChain customers choose it for Hyper-V Backup and Hyper-V disaster recovery? It’s because BackupChain is affordable, stable, reliable, and feature-rich. You can rely on your Hyper-V environment backups, day and night, every time. BackupChain also offers ways to restore fast and flexibly. Restore and recover exactly what you need, quickly and when you need it. You can either restore complete Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs) in just minutes or restore individual folders or files residing inside a Hyper-V VM backup images.

Restore complete virtual machines (VMs) quickly and easily.

Browse the VM’s file system inside a compressed and deduplicated Hyper-V backup image and use instant file-level recovery to restore VM files immediately.

Hyper-V backup runs on Windows Server 2019 / 2016 / 2012 / 2008, including the free Hyper-V Server OS, as well as Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Pricing up to 80% lower compared to other enterprise-grade backup software.

Intuitive, task-based interface: Get enterprise-grade reliability at a SMB price.

Save 80% or more

Ideal also for the smaller Hyper-V infrastructure, typical for SMBs

Save over 80% with our Server and Server Enterprise Editions, which both support failover clustering and Cluster Shared Volume setups.

BackupChain’s Hyper-V backup solution

BackupChain – Rock-solid Performance, Every Time!

BackupChain requires only a tiny 15MB download. In less than two minutes you can install and back up your first VMs. There is no need to micromanage Hyper-V backups; with BackupChain’s Hyper-V backup solution, it’s all automated. However, you get to see every single step in the process and everything is logged in detail: you are the boss!
BackupChain has tens of thousands of worldwide customers. A good portion of those switched from Acronis, BackupExec, and Veeam for a good reason. Not only do BackupChain users like its Hyper-V replication and backup module, BackupChain also provides the flexibility of an enterprise-grade Hyper-V backup solution at a much lower cost, both in money and time.

See for yourself why IT Professionals all over the world choose BackupChain!

BackupChain launched its Microsoft Hyper-V backup software in 2009 — The BackupChain Team has spent a long time in the Hyper-V backup market and has a lot of experience with Hyper-V backup technologies. We were one of the first backup software companies to support Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V and BackupChain is the only company supporting Windows 8 and Windows 10 Hyper-V backups.

Powerful and Affordable Microsoft Hyper-V Backup

Flexible backup technology for reliable Hyper-V backups

BackupChain creates backups and replication for Hyper-V and VSS. The image-based snapshot backups and replicas of Hyper-V virtual machines can be restored anywhere, anytime, in full or via granular restore.

When you back up Hyper-V virtual machines using BackupChain’s Microsoft Hyper-V backup software, you benefit from multi-threaded deduplication, which compresses and removes redundant information from your backups, saving 95% or more storage space when in incremental mode. Furthermore, BackupChain allows IT professionals and Hyper-V virtualization administrators move Hyper-V VM backups to the cloud up using WAN acceleration. Our cloud backup plans are amongst the best value in the market, all backed with fanatic technical support!

Backup and IT administrators worldwide who need to protect their Microsoft Hyper-V environments love BackupChain: Our BackupChain Hyper-V backup and recovery software performs incremental virtual machine backup–whether local or to the cloud–reliably so you can be assured your Hyper-V replication will work no matter what and your Microsoft Hyper-V environment is fully and reliably protected. Our deduplication engine utilizes many CPU cores simultaneously and delivers stunning compression results for Hyper-V replication and backup. On average, backup increments are around just 5% of the original VM’s size.

Multi-virtualization platform support

BackupChain Backup Software also supports VMware Workstation, VMware Player, and VMware Server, as well as VirtualBox. With BackupChain you can back up VMs, VHDX VHD (Hyper-V), VMDK (VMware) and VDI (VirtualBox) — Hyper-V and VMware using from the same software and using with the same Number 1 backup features available on all platforms.

It’s easy to use BackupChain’s powerful backup and restore for Hyper-V backup

Restore and Backup directly from the VM’s file system

No other backup and replication software offers granular backup without VM agents. BackupChain also offers powerful Hyper-V recovery options, which range from complete Hyper-V VM (virtual machine) recovery, to granular restore of individual files and folders inside a Hyper-V machine. BackupChain’s Microsoft Hyper-V backup solution features granular backup and restore, which allow you to recover Windows Server Hyper-V backups that include Exchange Server and SQL Server databases.

Windows Server and Hyper-V backup support

Support for Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10

BackupChain Backup Software offers backup, cloud backup, replication and Hyper-V recovery of Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines hosted on Windows Server 2016 / 2012 /2008. The free Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008, Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012, and Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 are also all supported, including core installations of Windows.
BackupChain is the only Hyper-V backup tool in the market that also backs up Windows 8 and Windows 10 client Hyper-V VMs.

BackupChain Backup Software can take a Hyper-V virtual machine backup of any guest operating system that runs in the Microsoft Hyper-V VM. Beyond backup for Hyper-V, BackupChain also backs up VMware Workstation, Player, Server, and VirtualBox VMs, providing the same backup and restore features, including granular backup and restore.

Solid Hyper-V backup functionality you can count on

Hyper-V Replication to local targets and cloud, and Unmatched, Fanatic Technical Support

BackupChain’s Hyper-V backup solution supports most types of storage systems, from local disks, to network shares and NAS servers, to the BackupChain Cloud using deduplication for a dramatically shorter Hyper-V backup cycle and restore operation. BackupChain’s Hyper-V backup and replication works on target folders, so as long as the storage media of your choice offers a file/folder structure it can be used as a target; there is no need assign entire disks or servers to BackupChain. In addition, targets may be freely rotated.
Beyond that, BackupChain backup software also provides military-strength encryption (AES 256-bit) to protect backup data and keep it secure. BackupChain can also replicate Hyper-V VMs based on their backup files to another disk or server, allowing you to set up a low-cost, simply, and yet very powerful backup system.


Before you go ahead and fall into Veeam’s “free Hyper-V backup” trap, or DPM’s, or Unitrends’, or if you plan on spending thousands of dollars on Symantec Backup Exec, Acronis, Zerto, Vranger, Netbackup, Zerto, Commvault, Appassure, Avamar, Arcserve, or ShadowProtect…

check out BackupChain and see how it fits in at a reasonable price.

A Better and Cheaper Alternative

Not only SMBs but also larger enterprises are switching from Veeam to BackupChain for many reasons, including:

  1. Much lower license cost
  2. Tiny download (less than 20MB) and simple installation. No database server or external tools needed.
  3. Robust feature set
  4. Unique backup features you won’t find elsewhere
  5. Proven track record since its first release in 2009

So if you are comparing Veeam vs. Altaro vs. Appassure vs. Microsoft DPM vs. Unitrends vs. Symantec Backup Exec, or Acronis, or actually any of the below, BackupChain is likely going to save you a lot of money:

Veeam Netbackup
Microsoft DPM Zerto
Unitrends Appassure
Symantec Backup Exec Zetta
Altaro Avamar
Arcserve Acronis
Vranger ShadowProtect