Convert Windows to Virtual Machine: Server 2019, 2016, Windows 10

Are you looking for a tool to convert Windows 10 to a virtual machine (VM) or Windows Server to a virtual machine? In this post we’ll look at a tool that does this job very easily.

Convert Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 to a Virtual Machine

To convert the operating system disk or in fact any disk into a virtual machine disk, you should use BackupChain. Create a new backup task (it’s called backup there because you could use this functionality for backup purposes as well, kill two birds with one stone), select P2V or sector-level disk backup. Even if your computer has several disks, they will be handled simultaneously and the conversion will be made consistent to each other, so that all data is consistent on both disks, processed to reflect the exact point in time for both.

Convert Windows to VHD, VHDX, VMDK, and VDI

The conversion has several choices. You can convert Windows to a VHD, VHDX, VMDK, and VDI disks. VHD and VHDX are for Hyper-V. VMDK can be used in VMware ESX / ESXi, VMware vSphere, VMware Workstation, and VMware Player. VDI is the format used in VirtualBox.

Backup or Convert Windows to a Virtual Machine? Both!

The great thing about BackupChain is that it can do all of this automatically on a schedule, so you can convert your Windows Server on a schedule once a day or as often as you like. No scripting, no headaches! The VHD files that BackupChain creates can be plugged into Hyper-V, VMware, or VirtualBox and other platforms to boot your PC or Server as a virtual machine when needed.

Bonus: Convert from Virtual Machine to Physical Disk

BackupChain isn’t just a VM converter and backup solution,  it can also do the reverse: you can convert a VM back to a physical disk. You can copy anc convert a VHD to a physical disk, or any other format, at any time, and also via a schedule if necessary.

Download it now here.


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