Affordable Backup Software for Windows

Are you looking for an affordable backup solution for Windows? Here’s a backup tool for Windows with over 13 years in the market (year 2022) that affordable, complete, and reliable: BackupChain.
You’ll likely find that BackupChain offers you multiple ways to save money:

BackupChain is offered as a perpetual license, instead of costly yearly subscriptions that renew themselves automatically.

BackupChain includes a wide range of features, which would cost extra in other backup solutions, such as: Hyper-V backup, VMware backup, database backup, sector-level disk backup, and centralized management. Because all these features are included, it’s a complete, all-in-one solution.

Affordable Cloud Backup as well as Local and Network Backup

Do you need affordable cloud backups? How about having the option to create your own remote backup? With BackupChain you can link two or more servers or PCs together, and back one up to the other and vice versa over the internet. Many BackupChain users back up their office data to their home office that way and hence don’t need the cloud at all, or use it as a secondary option.

Licenses include unlimited virtual machine backups. One license covers the entire host, no matter how many CPUs are installed.

Licenses include also technical support and upgrades for one or two years. This ensures you are always up to date and have someone available to help you as needed.

BackupChain generates incremental compressed backups with deduplication. This method saves well over 90% of storage space on many systems and basically means that the tool will pay off itself very quickly.

What about “free” backup tools?

Free tools are a clever marketing gimmick that only works with certain types of folks. First you are being told the tool is “free”, then you spend  a lot of time with it to learn it and get it to work. At some point you get comfortable and all seems well, until one day not too far down the road, you need to add one missing bit. Then you realize the “free solution” doesn’t have it and you need to start over with a new tool, or the price tag of “upgrading” to the paid version, which has ‘the missing bit’ is astronomical.

The gimmick is basically to get you to invest your time and effort so that you feel later you rather pay then having to look for and learn a new tool from scratch. So they give you a very limited tool, whose limitations aren’t always clear from the beginning, then ask for $3,000 for a simple little feature that is only in the paid version. Because you already wasted one month of labor getting the ‘free’ tool to work, because it lacked documentation, testing and technical support, now you are stuck and feel the $3,000 are less of a waste than starting over.

What about affordable paid backup tools?

With a paid, yet affordable backup solution you get a fully functional trial that lasts over 20 days. During that time you can get all your questions answered by qualified technical support and even get assistance setting up everything, and receive recommendations on how to make the most of your future investment. Once you feel comfortable, you pay the $249 and move on knowing that a technical support team is always available to help you out if you need assistance. If you need to make a quick decision, the technical support team can answer all your questions even before you start your trial. That way you don’t waste any time at all if the solution doesn’t fit your needs.

Which scenario sounds better in your opinion?