Is Carbonite Expensive? You Bet!

The more data you use, the more you will pay with Carbonite, which sound logical, but Carbonite is really, really expensive, indeed! According to current (2022) pricing, Carbonite charges $999.99 per 1 TB per year.  Another cloud backup provider you should know about is BackupChain. Because with BackupChain, you could save an incredible amount of money compared to Carbonite.

Let’s do a quick example. If an extra 1TB with expensive Carbonite costs $999.99, you could get a 4 TB plan with BackupChain for $1,093 per year.

A 10 TB cloud plan with BackupChain is available for $2,147 per year (and much less for non-profits and schools, by the way), whereas with Carbonite it would be almost reaching $10,000! That’s a lot of money Carbonite is asking for and suits my definition of expensive. Some people could go as far as calling it a rip off.

So if you think that Carbonite is expensive, you are not alone. Check out BackupChain and ask for a customized quote. Especially for large file server backups and virtual machine backups you will likely save a substantial portion of your budget.