Is BackupChain Good? Check This Out…

This is my response to lorenzob2 in who asked “Is BackupChain Good” in a Spiceworks forum.

I post it here because Spiceworks “moderates” responses in a way that protect their advertisers, such as Veeam and others who “participate” extensively in Spiceworks with repetitive and generally unhelpful “me too” responses. If you go to Spiceworks and ask “Does <product name> work?” be prepared to receive dozens of solicitations from vendors trying to convince you to buy their products instead…

See my response to lorenzob2 below:


Hi  lorenzob2

to answer your question whether BackupChain is “good”,

see what customers wrote about BackupChain and some of our customers listed here:


BackupChain, located in Baltimore, MD, USA, has been around since 2009 with Hyper-V as well as file-level backup support from the very beginning and has evolved over the years to include physical disk imaging, remote backups,  and P2V, V2P, V2V conversions. We have a strong fan base and have been growing “organically” without the millions of dollars of investor funding that the other tools you mentioned (still) receive. Keep in mind that “the loudest kid in class” may be getting the most ‘attention’ but that doesn’t mean s/he is the most capable… Luckily the market out there is not a classroom 😉
Question about total data volume:

You will find the US government and other large organizations in our customer list. These customers have enormous amounts of data being backed up. Some customers also use our cloud service, with accounts over 30 TB each. Sure, a 1 GB backup will generally finish faster than a 30 TB backup, but BackupChain can easily handle more than that.

There are many strategies you can use when you are dealing with terabytes of data and our support team can give you some hints, sample strategies, and suggestions that will work well for backup as well as for restore. If you use a strategy that doesn’t work well with a lot of data, performance won’t be optimal. That’s true with all tools out there.

Our customers chose BackupChain because it is the best value for their budget and needs. There are many ways to skin a cat. When you go to Walmart you will find dozens of different breakfast cereals, not just one…and for a good reason. I don’t think any one backup software is “best”. Each product has its own strengths and flavors and it’s up to you to look into it, try it out, and see which one you like. Apart from budget, it will likely depend on your personal background whether you prefer one tool or one particular way of doing things or another.

A great thing about BackupChain is you will find lots of ways to fine-tune backups so that you can implement the particular backup (and restore) strategy you have in mind. Some “not-so-technical” users, however, may prefer a tool that has a simple ‘backup’ button and very few to no options. Not everyone needs a 141-function Swiss army knife 😉

Rather than relying on the opinions of nameless strangers in a forum that also receives funding from similar sources as some products mentioned in this Spiceworks forum, it’s probably better to give each product a test run and see if you like it. Also it may help to contact their tech support (hopefully speaking and understanding English) and see if they are helpful and responsive.

Good luck!

Savas Papadopoulos

BackupChain Support


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