American Backup Software, Does It Still Exist?

Do American Backup Software companies still exist? It’s a good question. Made in USA is one of the labels that customers trust but it’s also abused, at least sometimes. For example, when it comes to backup software, many companies try to make it look like they are based in the U.S., but in reality they only sell here and have most if not all of their development and technical support work done abroad. Veeam for example was previously headquartered in Russia, now with funding from Insight Partners they needed to move it to the U.S. to make it look more “American”, but I wonder if still most of the work is done in Russia…  That’s where Acronis, and Kaspersky are also from.

Some people have told me that Vembu and Nakivo are either mostly made in India or employ a lot of staff there. I’m not aware of a “Made 100% in the U.S.” statement from those companies.

Then there are others who are clearly not located in the U.S. and make claims here there that they are based in the U.S., or the U.K. but actually have all their work done in Malta and North Macedonia. Naturally we don’t want to name anyone here but you get the idea.

Most NAS backup devices are clearly developed, not just manufactured, in China, including the free backup software that ships with it. I know people who do not want their sensitive information processed by Chinese software. One guy told me, “Who knows what it may do with it behind the scenes?”. In the days of international crime and spying, everything is possible. After all, anti-virus and backup software have read access to every single byte on your servers.

Various “free” backup solutions you find on Google are also clearly (and sometimes not so obviously) coming from China. So the question remains, which ones are still American?

StorageCraft now part of ArcServe





And even if ownership in the company may be U.S. based, may wonder how much labor is being outsourced to other countries. In that respect, only BackupChain makes a clear statement on their website: “based 100% in the USA”. Are they perhaps one of the few American Backup Software companies left?