Buy Backup Software without Subscription and Save Money

Are you looking for a backup software without subscription, because you want to save money? You may think that software subscriptions are a new scheme to milk your wallet, year after year after year….and I believe you are right! Sure, Software-as-a-Service appears to cost less initially, but after just one year you’ll be paying more. So, why pay every year when you could keep software forever without paying extra?

Buy Backup Software with Perpetual Licenses: It Still Exists & It’s Good for your Wallet

Perpetual licenses are the old-school software license scheme from which most software companies are ‘running’ away. The problem is that for many software companies, most users don’t upgrade and that’s bad for the investors who push harder and harder for more revenue.
One of the last companies left to offer perpetual software licenses is BackupChain. According to their management, most of their users are happy to renew their licenses but no one is forced to do so; hence, users may upgrade at their own pace and still receive a whopping discount when they choose to do so.

BackupChain runs on Windows and includes pretty much everything SMBs need: Windows itself, Hyper-V virtual machines, VMware, VirtualBox, backup to the cloud and remote servers, databases, file servers, etc. Moreover, it offers centralized management, unattended backups, and has a solid 12 year history in the market.

Why Pay for Software Every Year?

BackupChain’s licenses are valid forever and each license comes with one or two years software maintenance included. After that you can renew the software maintenance agreement for just 25% of the license cost (i.e. a whopping -75% discount). If you own or manage a lot of PCs or Windows Servers, it’ll save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long-run.