Backup Hyper-V with this Veeam Backup Competitor Software

Are you tired paying exorbitant fees for Veeam Backup just to backup Hyper-V? The good news is there is an easy and cheaper way to get reliable backups, without having to pay yearly subscriptions.
In this article I would like to introduce a very capable and professional backup solution for Windows that has been around since 2009. BackupChain has since evolved to support numerous backup strategies, such as virtual machine backup, Hyper-V backup, VMware backup, disk cloning, disk imaging, and much more. BackupChain is available as a one-time fee; hence, BackupChain is still offered how software used to be offered traditionally: affordable and fairly priced. At the same time, you receive fanatic technical support from their team, which is 100% located in the U.S.A.
In turns out, Veeam Backup lacks a lot of features and capabilities, despite its high price tag. A lot of this is purely strategical, not technical. A main selling point for BackupChain is not only its reliability and affordability, it’s also the fact that you can fine-tune backups the way you want, without being ‘extorted’ into using proprietary archive formats. Think about it, in the subscription model, when you stop paying for the software, you can no longer restore it without paying for the software. What will happen years from now if you can’t open your backups. Is Veeam too big to fail? Well, we thought that about certain banks, too, and were proven otherwise.
BackupChain gives you the choice of output format and storage type that you want to use. Often the best choice is to use open-standard data formats or to store backups in their file native formats. This allows for simple access when the main servers are down without requiring any intervention or restore procedure to take place. When you back up Hyper-V, this is beneficial because it makes you independent of the backup solution and allows for backed up data to be used much more flexibly and quickly.
Another key feature of BackupChain is that it combines simplicity with flexibility and adaptability. BackupChain only requires a very small download, it’s not bloated like Veeam. There are no external database servers to install, no long downloads, no endless patches, etc. BackupChain can be set up very easily and offers a task-based scheduler where you can simply configure your backup strategies.
On their website you will find a 20 day full functional trial download, which receives full technical support. Try BackupChain and see how you can use it to backup Hyper-V or any other backup strategy you need to implement. You will find that when everything that matters is considered, in addition to cost, BackupChain is the product that offers the best overall value and the most flexible storage choices, saving you money straight from the start and avoiding the frustration that comes with bloated solutions like Veeam, that are really only meant to be used by very large corporations who don’t mind paying for excessive subscriptions that might not really add much value.