Cloud Storage Backup Solutions for Server with Pricing

Are you looking for a cloud storage backup solution and also need pricing details? In this post we’ll look at a popular cloud backup solution for Windows Server and PCs, that is priced right and is very reliable. Above all, I found a great benefit of it is that it gives you full control over how you want your data backed up.

The cloud backup solution with cloud storage that I am talking about is BackupChain. It offers backup for physical as well as virtual servers and PCs and is offered as an all-in-one solution for all versions of Windows. Their cloud storage offering is very simple: it’s fixed = no surprises = no additional fees ever.

What does fixed pricing mean?

Fixed pricing is all-inclusive pricing. In the case of BackupChain, their cloud storage backup pricing also includes technical assistance. There is an additional service available for seeding your data with an external drive or recovering your data by having an external drive shipped to you. This is a great add-on service, specifically if you have a lot of data and a relatively slow internet connection available.

All-inclusive cloud storage backup means that you will not be charged for anything at a variable rate. For example, other cloud services charge for accessing your file list, i.e. it costs money just to query the server and see what files are on it. It costs money to delete a file because it’s a transaction. In other cloud storage facilities, if you rename a file, it’s suddenly considered a new file that occupies more space. Other services also have a “minimum storage duration”. This means that if you upload a file and immediately delete it, you will be charged as if the file was kept on their servers for months. Yes you read that right.

BackupChain only offers fixed pricing cloud storage plans. All inclusive means there will be absolutely no surprise or extra charges of any kind, ever.

So, while other services use all kinds of tricks to pull more money out of your wallet, BackupChain has a very transparent and predictable cloud storage plan to offer. The storage plans come in different tiers and there may be discounts available for non-profits, schools, and governments, too. The discount that is available to all is in the form of a software credit. The software credit can be used to buy the perpetual license of BackupChain along with the annual cloud storage plan. That’s an incredibly good deal because you can back up your data, VMs, Exchange Servers, database servers, and what not, to local storage as well as to the cloud. But unlike other services, the BackupChain software is not a subscription service, it only involves a one-time charge.

Beware of Costly Downloads, too. But Not with BackupChain

Downloading, or restoring your data typically involves so-called egress charges. These can be substantial. If you have a large terabytes sized VM to restore, it could cost you hundreds of dollars to download it from Amazon S3, for example. With all-inclusive pricing, as with BackupChain, you pay absolutely nothing when you restore your data. Their team will even guide you through the restore operation if you need assistance.

Cloud Storage Backup Pricing

We use the following example to illustrate a few typical use cases.

Example #1: Standalone File Server, 1TB Data

Let’s say you have a standalone Windows Server that you use as a file server. You want the documents backed up locally and in the cloud. You have about 800 GB in documents. At this point in time, all you need is your documents to be backed up, nothing else.

In this case, you could sign up for an “Annual Shared Cloud Backup Plan (1-3 Servers)” 1 TB for $399.99 per year, all-inclusive, which includes a perpetual license of BackupChain Server Edition ($249.99 in software credits). Given that documents typically compress well, your 800GB will probably only occupy 600GB or less, leaving plenty of room for the future. The software can be used even if you don’t renew the storage agreement.

Example #2: Hyper-V Virtual Machine Cloud Backup, 3 TB Total VM Size

In this case you could go for an “Annual Single Server Cloud Backup” with 4 TB at $1,092.99 per year. This also includes a perpetual license of BackupChain Server Edition. Or you could upgrade to BackupChain Server Enterprise for just $250.00 more, a one-time additional fee.

Detailed pricing can be found here.

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