Cloud Backup Storage Cost 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, 10TB, 16TB, 20TB

Are you looking for cloud backup storage in the terabyte range? Like 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, 10TB, 16TB, or even 20TB cloud backup storage? In that case, you need to check out this file server cloud backup company which also excels in virtual machine cloud backup as well.

Their cloud storage plans are available in three types. The three plans are Single Server Plans, Shared Server Plans, and Unlimited Server Plans. But what exactly is included?

All Cloud Backup Storage Plans Include Fixed Pricing

Unlike any other cloud storage provider, BackupChain offers all-inclusive pricing. There are no access fees, no minimum storage durations, no hidden fees whatsoever, and there is no penalty for going over your storage limit. Your wallet will thank you if check out the Six Common Cloud Backup Pitfalls before  you sign up with any other provider.

2TB to 10TB Single Server Plans, and higher for Cloud Backup

They offer single server plans beginning with 2TB for any purpose, such as file server cloud backup, or Hyper-V cloud backup storage.  The storage may be scaled up to 64TB and more, usually in 2TB or 1TB increments.

1TB to 4TB, and higher Shared Shared Cloud Backup Plans

Shared Server cloud backup plans may be shared with up to 3 devices. If you wanted more than 3 devices to share the same plan, you will need to choose an Unlimited Server Cloud Plan. Unlimited server plans are not unlimited in storage space, however.

2TB up to 64TB and higher Unlimited Cloud Backup Storage

To connect any number of computers in your company to the same cloud storage account, you would choose the Unlimited Cloud Backup plan. This plan starts at 2TB and may be extended as needed, but storage is not unlimited. You need to select the appropriate size. The number of devices is not limited, however.

Use Cloud Backup to Protect Against Ransomware and Other Risks

Which cloud backup storage plan is the best? It all depends on your situation. How many servers and PCs do you want to protect? How much data is stored on those at the moment? How much data is generated every day? Does it compress well, like documents, or rather not, as in videos and pictures? How much upload and download bandwidth is available?
These are all good questions to consider. With a cloud backup you can protect your IT infrastructure against all kinds of risks, including ransomware, vandalism, natural disasters, and much more. Because adding cloud backup to your backup strategy is an important decision, I recommend contacting BackupChain to discuss your needs in detail.

It’s quite likely they will find a cost effective way to accommodate your needs and beat the competition. BackupChain is a software-only solution that doesn’t require additional hardware. Hence, you could start your cloud backups within minutes.

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