Download Entire S3 Bucket Easy, Windows Explorer, Automatic, ZIP, Folder

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just simply click and upload or download an entire S3 bucket to your hard drive in Windows? Or even copy from bucket to bucket between Amazon and other S3 providers?
There’s a free and simple tool that helps you do just that, so you came to the right place! S3 bucket download and upload is now easier than ever before and you won’t have to use obscure scripts to do it.

In the example below, we use drive with letter “B:” to map the files and folders inside a Wasabi bucket online to a real drive letter.
From there it’s easy. Simply copy the files by copying and pasting by hand, or use xcopy or robocopy in the command prompt!

Upload & Download Entire S3 Bucket the Easy Way: Map S3 as a Drive in Windows

In order to download an S3 bucket or folders within S3 buckets in Windows, download DriveMaker and create a new site as shown below:

The above settings are an example of how to map drive B: to an S3 bucket. All that is needed are the bucket name, access ID, and secret key.

Download S3 Buckets and ZIP or Automatic Copy of a Folder

DriveMaker runs on all versions of Windows. On PCs it runs on Windows 7 – 11. On Windows Servers it supports Windows Server 2008 to the latest Windows Server 2022.
In order to download and ZIP or compress an entire S3 bucket, simply map the drive first, then use 7-zip or a similar tool to do the zipping for you.

For simple copying or downloading or even uploading of folders into S3 buckets–you could also copy from S3 bucket to another S3 bucket at a different company–use Windows Explorer or robocopy along with DriveMaker. DriveMaker itself also contains a sync feature that you could use to automate the entire task. There are also options to run programs and scripts at certain times in DriveMaker, so there are lots of options.

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