Map Wasabi as a Drive: How to Map Wasabi Storage to Windows

Wouldn’t it be nice to map Wasabi buckets directly a drive in Windows? Like a B: drive where you can open and edit files that are stored inside a Wasabi bucket online, without having to use a separate tool to download and upload or synchronize folders manually?

How to Map Wasabi as a Drive in Windows

To mount Wasabi buckets as a real drive in Windows, first download DriveMaker and create a new site as shown below:

The above settings will map the drive B: to the specified bucket in your Wasabi account. All you need is the bucket name, access ID, and secret key, which you obtain in the Wasabi management screen.

Mount Wasabi Cloud Storage on all Windows Platforms

DriveMaker runs on all versions of Windows. On PCs it runs on Windows 7 – 11. On Windows Servers it supports Windows Server 2008 to the latest Windows Server 2022.