Net Use for FTP Sites to Get a Drive Letter? There’s a Better Way

Are you trying to connect to an FTP site so that you have a drive letter access to it? That’s a great idea but ‘net use’ for FTP doesn’t work.  What works is a nice little tool called DriveMaker. DriveMaker maps any storage to a drive letter and even works from the command line, Windows File Explorer, and Microsoft Office.

Instead of Net Use for FTP, Do This

You simply enter the drive letter you want, the FTP site address, and credentials:

As shown above, the drive letter T: is now going to give you full access to your FTP site. It couldn’t be easier.

Drive Letter Access to All FTP, SFTP, and S3 Sites

Hence, you can now forget about ‘net use’ and other network configuration scripts and workarounds. DriveMaker simply works, you click connect and it’s done. Plus you can run and use it from script, batch files, and PowerShell scripts.