Does Carlos Santana Ever Sing in His Songs Himself?

IMG_1206A true Carlos Santana fan naturally knows the answer: YES!

The album “Freedom” in 1986 has a song named “Before We Go” which Santana sings himself:
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Carlos Santana can be seen in live performances from back in the day with Buddy Miles. In this video is the proof, he’s singing:
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Update 2023

Everything’s Coming Our Way” from the Album “Santana III” was sung and written by Carlos Santana!

In his 1972 album “Caravanserai” he sang “Just in Time to See the Sun”, “All the Love of the Universe”, and “Stone Flower”.


Yes Santana used to sing in a few songs, see list above. Once you know the sound of his voice you can easily spot the songs 😉

Image credits & copyright: myself, naturally 😉


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