Best Dentists in Baltimore 2015

OK I met about a dozen dentists so far and it turns out, rather than saying negative things about the others I met, I follow the rule “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all…” Well, at least in this blog post I will 🙂

Now, there are two BEST dentists in Baltimore I met in 2015

What does “best” mean? Well, you determine for yourself when you go there!

To me, “best” means several things:

  • treat people with dignity. You could fill a book with this one and how it is violated by health care practitioners on a daily basis
  • take time to talk to people. Yes we’re not dollars nor are we numbers. We would like to know the person who is going to do health critical work on our body
  • honest consultation even if it is going to cost the dentist. This is a big one, think about it: how many dentists do that? How many dentist recommend you go the “cheaper” route?
  • realize people have different sets of beliefs and respect them. You wouldn’t believe what sort of things happen in dentist offices….
  • treat people and their teeth according to their preferences, even if the dentist prefers otherwise.


These two dentists made me feel very welcome and are very good at what they do. They are passionate people who truly care about others.

Empathy is the keyword here.


I would like to recommend:


Dr Khan in Bowie, MD


Dr Markel in Millersville, Maryland


as the best dentists in Baltimore in 2015. No question!