Where to Buy Cheap Organic Groceries in Baltimore / Washington DC

organic-food-baltimoreBelow is a list of cheap grocery stores and other sources where we usually buy organic. I avoid Whole Foods as they cost an arm and a leg but the truth is you find stuff there that you can’t find in other stores; however, I rather resort to buying from online stores instead and save money and time. Simply try their product and if you like it, look elsewhere 🙂

I’ll add to this list when I discover something worth sharing.



Aldi isn’t what you call an organic store; however, if you haven’t been there yet you will be surprised at how many organic products are available at Aldi at really low prices! No this isn’t a sponsored post; I’m just very glad Aldi is close in Baltimore.

Organic tomato paste (can)

Organic tomatoes (can)

Organic beans (various sorts, canned and dry in bag)

Organic spinach and other leafy vegetables in bag

Fresh organic eggs

Fresh organic milk, also available whole milk!

Bread made with mostly organic ingredients

Fresh organic ground beef

Some fresh organic vegetables and fruits: cherry tomatoes, bananas, strawberries, grapes, etc. depending on season.

Organic Greek yogurt. Unfortunately fat free. People, fat free yogurt taste like **** please don’t eat it!

Organic spaghetti

Organic coffee (sorry I won’t give up Lavazza yet)

Specials (not always available) include:
Organic Popcorn

Various organic vegetables (canned)

Organic ice cream (chocolate and vanilla)

Organic flour

Wish List for Aldi

Organic corn!

Other items worth mentioning: Sign up for their newsletter. Every Wednesday new specials come in. Lots of European imports are always on the shelf at low prices, for example chocolate. What, you don’t like European chocolate? Then you ought to be called a banause (^_^). Also specials often include various imports worth checking out, such as items for the household and garden.



In case you don’t know, Costco is where the serious shoppers go to 🙂 I used to go to SamsClub as well; however, traffic is really bad that way and there isn’t much organic at SamsClub, so Costco won.


Frozen organic corn (sometimes)

Frozen organic mixed vegetables

Organic bananas

Organic canned tomatoes and paste, but costs more than Aldi and Aldi’s are better.

The best deal: Fresh organic chicken breasts, thighs, whole chicken.

Fresh organic ground turkey (likely previously frozen)

Fresh organic ground beef (likely previously frozen). Sometimes the taste is a little ‘off’ could be some horse is mixed into it? (^_^)

Wish List for Costco

Organic beef, not just ground beef. Frozen would be fine; however, the frozen beef from Costco online wasn’t worth its money.


Non organic Costco items worth mentioning: Kerry Gold Irish butter, Dodonis Greek feta cheese, various other European imported cheeses.



Organic corn in cans. Origin is not stated on can.

Organic canned beans

Organic pasta, made in Italy, thank God not fortified!

Organic flour (rather expensive)

Organic eggs

Organic milk (whole and reduced fat)

Organic yoghurt, unfortunately not made with whole milk

Various organic snacks for kids, which they shouldn’t eat anyways 🙂


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