How to Control Blood Pressure Naturally

After extensive research on PubMed for years I have compiled the following list of foods and natural supplements and confirmed that they are indeed very effective at lowering blood pressure. Note that most medicines on average result in an 8 point average BP reduction. With the list below, chances are you can easily improve your BP numbers without additional medication.  The reason why they work is they either increase nitric oxide or suppress stress / anxiety, which covers most causes of hypertension. Another excellent resource is Dr. Mark Houston’s book “Controlling High Blood Pressure”.

Foods, the strongest effect bold:

Beets Nothing beats beets! I know several people who dropped their BP with beets alone by 20-30 points. The nitrates in beets are converted into nitric oxide which immediately relaxes blood vessels. Eat the beets (fresh, canned without sodium or precooked pouch) mixed in a salad instead of drinking beet juice. The effect lasts well over 24 hours! Kefir


A tasty drink that also reduces BP and heart rate by reducing stress.


Like beets, also has ACE inhibitor-like qualities, and is a diuretic. Aronia berry extract (powder)


Extremely effective ~15 pt. reduction. Mix with water


High potassium and nitrates. Potassium also reduces HBP.

Spinach is also an excellent choice for lower-carb diets. It’s very filling and has low calories.

Natto Contains more vitamin K2 MK7 than any other food. Removes calcium from blood vessels, softens blood vessels over time. Also contains nattokinase, thins the blood. Very good BP reduction, 5-10 pts.


Stress relief. Eggs Reduce BP via lecithin, effect lasts about 2h.
Pure coconut water Very high potassium and low calories. Works immediately if your sodium is high. Potatoes work, too, but they are high in starch and tend to increase triglycerides. Fennel


Excellent spice, also can be used as tea. Very effective. Reduces heart rate as well.


Well known BP cure. Pomegranate juice or extract (capsule) Has ACE inhibitor qualities
Flaxseed (oil, crushed seeds)


Mix with yoghurt, also reduces heart rate Caffeine cessation One coffee a day maximum


Supplements, the strongest bold:

Niacin (Flush-free, 250mg as inositol hexanicotinate) Reduces stress very effectively, especially BP spikes caused by stress. Also increases HDL, lowers LDL, lowers sdLDL, and particle number. Could replace your statins. Morning and afternoon, or before your BP spikes. Lavender capsules Calming. Helps reduce BP spikes
Taurine (powder) Excellent antihypertensive effect + anti-stress and anti-anxiety. 500 to 6,000 mg/d. Cures arrhythmias. Melissa officinalis Calming.
Olive leaf extract Excellent diuretic and calcium blocker like effect, over 10pts reduction. Take 500mg twice a day. Folic acid Excellent BP effect, however short duration.
Magnesium 400mg minimum daily. Very effective Hawthorn Also helps with arrhythmias.
Citrulline High in watermelons. Excellent effect, 10+ pts. NAC Anti-oxidant


50mg daily. Very effective Rosemary Improve circulation
Arginine Immediate effect (nitric oxide production) Selenium Antioxidant (100mg/d)
Astaxanthin 1-12 mg daily. Also excellent against joint and back pain. Theanine 100-200mg/d. Effect only few hours
Schisandra 2g daily Lecithin
Resveratrol 50mg daily Black Cumin Seed Oil


1g/day or more
Vitamin K2 and D3 Use combined capsule. Effect appears in the long-term Celery Seed Extract 500mg-1000mg
Grape Seed Extract Excellent at 100-300mg/d Natural vitamin E, mixed tocopherols 200IU daily, long-term protection for blood vessels
Strong multivitamin providing 100% of RDA Especially iron, B vitamins and zinc Vitamin C 500mg-6,000 as needed for long-term vessel support



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