The Best PC Keyboard in the World. Period.

unicompI believe in enriching everyone’s life, so this post is about your FINGERS 😉

The Best Keyboard in the World. Period. I bought it!
I was meditating a few days back and came to think of those great keyboards we had. So I ran to the PC and checked and voila:
It’s Unicomp. It feels exactly like those old IBM. A small company here in the US makes them now for around $80. Turns out other people were meditating too…or at least there are enough out there nostalgic about the good old days
Turns out, typing was/is a lot easier, I trashed all HP keyboards. It’s the real deal!
This shows how technology can go backwards when people only look at price!

Hey the de ja vou feeling makes you (or at least your fingers) feel 20+ years younger too 😉

I guess because these keyboards are 1M times better, they won’t sell them in Best Buy or Walmart. If something is of high quality, they take it off the shelf. I guess it’s against strict corporate policy to sell such items…. 🙂


God bless the Internet…and those who still believe in, produce, and purchase high quality!

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