How to Reduce CAC Score to Zero

Below is an amazing video where Marty describes his story, how he had a heart attack and how he recovered from it.
Not only did he recover, he also reduced his CAC score to zero! The details, proof, and the ‘magic recipe’ are also on his website at
I had the pleasure of talking to Marty, he’s very helpful and knowledgeable. His contact details are on his website.

Are there more people who managed to reduce their CAC score? Yes there are:
Tom Seest, see
Ford Brewer


And Patrick Theut:

You will find Patrick Theut in the forum of and on his Vitamin K website.

I found many more but unfortunately they don’t have websites. You can find and contact some of them on William Davis’ website He maintains a forum that used to be called Track Your Plaque, and it’s now part of

So basically, yes! It’s possible to reduce your CAC score and many people have done it. In the case of Marty above, he managed to bring it from almost 200 down to zero.

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