Self-hosted DropBox Alternative Server: You Own It, Secure

You can set up your own private server as a DropBox alternative, self-hosted, and get rid of all hosting fees once and for all. A secure alternative exists and it’s very simple to set up.
It works as an alternative to all of the below and maps a real drive letter to online storage that you can securely host yourself.
Rather than using any of the services below that charge you money every month and you wonder if your data is really secure and really stored 1:1 as you saved it:

GDrive Google Drive
SpiderOak One
Amazon Drive

You can use instead DriveMaker, which is freeware, and BackupChain backup software, particularly its secure and easy to use FTPS server. Once your secure FTPS server is set up you can point it to any amount of storage you have with an unlimited number of user accounts.

DriveMaker gives you a real drive letter access to your self-hosted remote files. You can use it even for command prompt applications and the usual Microsoft Word documents and the like.

You can edit files without uploads and downloads. It’s completely automatic.


If you are reluctant to pay for online storage and don’t quite trust online hosting providers, you are not alone. If you are you using or considering using DropBox, GDrive Google Drive, Tresorit,,  OneDrive, Box, or pCloud, consider how much money could be saved by self-hosting this service. Other possible services include SpiderOak One,  TeamDrive, Mega, Jottacloud, Idrive,  egnyte, and Amazon Drive, but they charge for storage and user accounts.

DriveMaker freeware is a great way to access and use self-hosted files online over a secure link via FTPS and SFTP. You can host your own FTPS server or SFTP server and be certain to know where your files are and how they are protected, since you are doing it yourself.

Think about it: unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited users, and you own the entire secure network. No dependency on third-party services, which may or may not be as secure as advertised and may close their doors by the end of the year…

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