15 Signs Your Boss Is a Donkey

donkeyWhen I was little, my grandfather had his own donkey (!) and it was entertaining to see him argue with it.

I quickly learned, however, don’t argue with a donkey and by all means do not piss off a donkey…ever! A donkey can easily stop in the middle of a busy street and stubbornly persist there for hours, no matter what. I’m telling you, not even Obama and his army can move a donkey off the street!

Sounds familiar? If your boss satisfies two or more of the following on a frequent basis, you probably wish you had a real donkey instead:

1. S/he ignores your needs / is never available. After five years at work: “Who are you…what’s your name again?”

2. S/he takes all recognition for your accomplishments

3. S/he never listens, worse, always interrupts when you talk. And, loves to talk forever without saying anything actionable for hours and hours

4. S/he micromanages you as if you were 5

5. S/he doesn’t care about your personal life. “What you can’t do overtime? You see that door over there?”

6. S/he asks you to do engage in questionable behavior to cover their asses. “Don’t tell my wife about this or you’re fired (^_^)”

7. S/he makes nasty remarks all the time about your weight / intelligence / making you feel inferior. “Looks like little Nancy put on some weight huh?”

8. S/he is a master of power demonstrations and doesn’t shy away from sexual harassments. “Judy please turn around again so we can check out that new G string you bought”

9. S/he suffers from temper tantrums…can’t cope with the idea of delayed gratification

10. S/he elicits symptoms of bipolar disorder: one minute he is friendly and polite, next minute your @ss is set on fire

11. S/he won’t decide and won’t stick to decisions

12. S/he will blame you for their own bad decisions / pass blame rather than accept responsibility

13. S/he suffers from being egotistical aka narcissist personality disorder. Barely ever makes eye contact, except when threatening you, which is a daily routine

14. S/he is a stubborn donkey, but unlike her/him, real donkeys are actually useful animals

15. S/he “accidently” lost your files / presentations / reports


While we can’t help you much with #1-#14, for #15 we have the best backup solution to help you out. If you have a really nasty work setting where trust is lower than zero you may want to use our built-in cloud and remote backups to move files far away from the office where they can’t be manipulated or deleted. For more information also have a read through my Hyper-V backup post.

Good luck with your donkey!