Watch German Live TV Online for Free Anytime You Want

Here’s a way to watch live German TV online on your computer and even on your TV or Roku stick.
There’s a new service in Germany called They are a little like Netflix but also have all free-to-air TV channels live.
The “problem” is the service only works in Germany.

How to Watch Live German TV

To get around the geographic filter and watch German TV live wherever you may be on earth, use a simple thing. Install on your computer a VPN service, such as HMA, ExpressVPN, etc. You will find a lot of those online. They typically cost around $10 a month or less. With that software, you get connected to a foreign server, i.e. a German server, so that when you browse the internet, it looks like you are in Germany. You guessed it, once you are connected to the VPN server, you can open and watch all channels live, in HD quality, for free. This includes a Netflix-like media library with movies and TV shows, all free (but ad supported).

Connect to Your TV

With modern TV systems and a Windows 10 laptop you can connect to your TV either using a HDMI cable or through your WIFI. Click the Windows key on your keyboard, hold it pressed and hit P. Then select ‘duplicate screen’ and select “connect to a wireless display’. If your TV or Roku stick are compatible, its name will appear in a list. You can simply click on the TV’s name in the list and voila, you did it: Live German TV anywhere, anytime, in perfect HD quality, all for free. Send me a beer in appreciation of this article 😉

Do you have a backup solution?

If you own a business or have important data on your computers? You will need a backup solution. In other languages, that’s solución de respaldo, Backup-Programm, solution de sauvegarde, λογισμικο backup, software di backup, and back-up software. In that case, stop watching TV and do something to save your data before you get hit by a bad virus or hard drive….