Best Toothpaste: A Consumer Report. Natural and Effective

xyliwhiteI’ve been experimenting with fluoride free toothpaste because I’m a nutcase who doesn’t believe in fluoride being the only way to protect our teeth from decay.

Fluoride toothpaste burns my mouth and throat and gives me mouth ulcers. The more fluoride in the toothpaste, the stronger the pain and side effects. What a whiner I am indeed! I almost sound like the pharmacist in The Family Guy

Not only has my dentist confirmed my teeth are fine after a whole year of F-free brushing, it turns out she uses the same toothpaste!!


I’m not affiliated with these two products. I endorse them because I believe they are good products worth talking about:

The first one and really low-cost (about $4) one is Xyliwhite™ Refreshmint Toothpaste Gel – 6.4 oz


I love the taste. The cinnamon version of it, however, irritates my mouth.  The mint version is perfect and relatively cheap.

Some people write the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate is supposed to be missing but that really sodium coco-sulfate, which this paste contains, is the same thing. SLS is a substance many people try to avoid.


The other paste which costs more, around $15, is:

toothgumspaste by Dental Herb Company

The thing about this one is you really only use a pea sized amount and it’s enough. Quite potent stuff, stains the brush a little but the herbs work better than in Xyliwhite.

I like the idea that it contains calcium carbonate to re-mineralize teeth.


What to try next:

Magnesium oil (magnesium citrate) in a home made tooth paste is what I want to try next. Read about it enough, now it’s time to try it out!


So what’s the best toothpaste? I gave you my consumer report describing the kinds of natural and effective toothpaste I tried. Hopefully it may help you out, too.

Other “Best” Items on the List

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