How to Fix: E24 E25 Bosch Dishwasher Errors 100%

First let me vent a little. Bosch appears to be selling its worst dishwashers outside the EU. Actually the Bosch brand has been effectively flushed down the toilet, no matter what product we are talking about. It appears inside the EU (sorry we don’t count UK and IE as EU (^_^)) the buyer’s demand on quality is much higher than here in the US. The Bosch dishwashers sold here in the US are, like all dishwashers I have seen here, total garbage. It’s like you can’t buy a good dishwasher here, period. Well you can buy Made in Germany dishwashers here as well, at a price tag beyond $2,000. For that price I would rather hire a sexy dishwasher lady to do the dishes (ideally from Amsterdam), and enjoy a much better view. Those of you who have lived in a European home will understand my perspective.
But this post is not a post saying “Europe is better than US”. What I mean to say is take your dishwasher back to the shop and tell them it’s a piece of junk. Then perhaps some day they will start selling better ones…
The reason why junk is sold is simply that we buy it (^_^)

The Cause of E24 and E25 Errors

OK so now first of all thank you for reading this post I hope you found it amusing…If you are still reading this you definitely need a fix 😉
The errors E24 and E25 are pump errors. The pump of that dishwasher is simply weak.
In addition there is a critical design flaw. Look at the cylinder below:

Right at the bottom next to the “B” is the opening where the filter is located.

Step #1: Cleaning

First of all use a toothbrush and clean it every week or two. Make sure it’s completely clean.

Step #2: Cover the hole

You will notice the cylinder filter is open at the top. I suspect this was done for a simple reason: if you never clean the filter, like probably most busy people, the filter will clog and to prevent overflows the water will flow into the hole at the top, straight down to the pump.
Now, notice this sounds genius but it’s also at the same time stupid: the dirt will go along with the water straight down to the pump and clog it.
Actually the design is even more immature. Even if the filter is clean, a tiny piece of a salad leaf can fall right into the hole and clog the pump immediately.
To cover the hole use a tea ball strainer and split it in half. It turns out, it’s the exact diameter to cover that hole and prevent dirt from falling into it. Voila my friends. That did it!

Step #3: Vinegar

For those of you who want perfection: Friday’s at night before going to bed (or doing naughty stuff that doesn’t require a dish wash), pour while distilled vinegar into the dishwasher and let it sit over night. About 1-2 coffee mugs roughly. It will break down any slime that might build up inside the weak pump and help it flush everything out the next morning.

Hardcore Methods for Fixing E24 and E25

If you haven’t followed the above preventive procedure, there could be dirt inside the pump or hose and it’s clogged.
Use a dry/wet shop vac from your favorite homecrappo store. Remove the filter from the vac to use it in wet mode. Even a small vac is very powerful; it can suck out water and everything from your dishwasher….even small dishes 😉
Remove the dish washer filter and get to the bottom. Let the vac remove all the water and try to vacuum everything out of the pump.
Usually that fixes the problem. The hose could be clogged, too. You would need to remove the hose from the sink sewer pipe and try to vacuum that end as well.
I only had to do this once and it worked perfectly. I hope this post helps you, too.

And here’s a screenshot of the tea strainer in action (prevents nearly 100% of all future problems in my washer):

Please leave a comment and describe how you fixed it. Believe it or not, well over 1,000 people a month visit my blog looking for a fix to this specific dishwasher problem!


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