Spray Foam Lawyer, Attorney: Is Insulation Making You Sick?

Is Spray Foam Insulation Making You Sick?

Is spray foam insulation making you sick? Don’t let toxic spray foam ruin your health. Take action now! But you will likely not want to do it alone, look for a spray foam lawyer, an attorney who is knowledgeable about toxic spray foam. If spray foam insulation is making you sick, you better take action quickly.

I removed my spray foam insulation in my house and it was a lot of work. By putting pressure on the installer I was able to negotiate a refund plus some extra money for cleanup. I organized the cleanup and hired handymen to help me rip it all out.

Every year the smell was fading a little more until about six years after the cleanup, it vanished completely.

If you feel respiratory symptoms, lung pain, sore throat, burning eyes, etc. These could be all symptoms of chronic cyanurate and other chemical exposure.
I was contacted by Jim Orr, an attorney in Texas, who went through the spray foam nightmare himself. Read his story in the comment section of my article Spray Foam Risks, Dangers, Odor, Smell: Is this Insulation Toxic?
Jim wrote “I built an indoor residential basketball gym on my property. Thank goodness it is a separate structure from my main house. We insulated it with spray foam. After the foam was installed, there was an obvious sweet smell in the gym. I had the air tested by 3 different companies. They all said it was safe. I let my son use the gym. He was in there almost every day for several months. He developed significant respiratory symptoms, and I don’t think he will ever be 100% from a respiratory standpoint.
Jim offers legal advice for people who are affected by toxic spray foam.
You can reach Jim Orr at:

Or call him: (877) 446-9001


Why You Need a Spray Foam Attorney

I do not receive compensation for referrals and this is not an advertisement. I think it’s good to contact a lawyer who has first-hand experience with the subject.

At the very least, the installers and/or the spray foam manufacturer should clean up their mess at their own cost and put you back where you were before they installed this toxic material. I strongly recommend the help of an experienced attorney to help you receive the help you need to make your home healthy again.

The reasons why you will likely benefit from having an experienced spray foam insulation lawyer at your side are:

  1. You don’t have to “explain” your suffering to your lawyer, s/he went through the same experience with similar symptoms
  2. Your lawyer went through similar distress, worrying about the health of the family members, children, and how to deal with the cleanup financially
  3. Your attorney is aware of similar cases and their background information
  4. Spray foam companies along with their installers are a group of huge, billion-dollar heavy bullies. They will come to your house claiming there is no smell, they will deny any wrongdoing, they will call you hypersensitive.
  5. You will be met by a wall of denial. The spray foam manufacturer will protect your installer. They sit on millions of cash to defend themselves and their huge installer network.
  6. From what I have read so far I believe that air testing appears to be useless in many cases. It may be challenging to prove spray foam toxicity in court. At the very least you will need to work with your lawyer to document all your symptoms and what you have already tried to improve the air quality in your home.

With or without an attorney, I wish you good luck and good health!
Stay healthy my friends!