Norovirus Cure: Natural Treatment Worked Immediately

If you have or suspect you have a norovirus infection like we had recently, don’t waste any time. Try the “fix” below, it doesn’t cost much and worked almost instantly, within an hour. I hope it will work for you and your family and end your suffering quickly.

After becoming infected recently I did some research and found these supplements worked well to stop the norovirus infection in its tracks, and it might also work possibly to prevent it:

Take two doses of
40,000 IU Vitamin A (in retinol form, not beta-carotine, sourced from fish)
20,000 IU Vitamin D (also ideally sourced from fish)
about 5,000 mg Vitamin C, preferably in powder form.
Take after eating something but I took it on empty stomach with no side effects.

I took this combination twice but already after the first dose the diarrhea stopped immediately. If you remember your last stomach flu infection, you will know well this can’t possibly happen due to chance.

Vitamin A apparently is very useful against viral infections and has strong antiviral properties; thus it helps slow down virus replication. Also during viral attacks, the body uses up Vitamin A very quickly (and Vitamin C as well), so it’s important to refill and provide the body with what it needs to heal quickly. I’ve been taking 5 to 15 grams of Vitamin C daily as a maintenance dose and it works miracles, especially for the flu; however, in this particular case I was amazed well how the Vitamin A and D combination worked to stop the symptoms for good.

For my family at least I can say it worked very quickly and helped a lot put a quick end to the suffering.

What is interesting is that Vitamin A “therapy” is recognized as an effective additional treatment for measles. The recommended dose is 200,000 IU at the onset and then smaller doses on each following day. See this research article for example (A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Vitamin A in Children with Severe Measles): “Treatment with vitamin A reduces morbidity and mortality in measles, and all children with severe measles should be given vitamin A supplements, whether or not they are thought to have a nutritional deficiency”

The total dose of 80,000 IU Vitamin A might sound like a lot, but actually is not. A slice of calf liver (100g) can contain more than 30,000 IU, so the total dose of 100,000 IU is roughly equivalent to eating a little less than a pound of beef liver. Have you ever heard of anyone dying from eating four slices of beef liver? Me neither… But once the “dose” is expressed in numbers and especially in percent of RDA, people freak out. Don’t fall for the RDA non-sense.


As always, this isn’t medical advice, and I’m not a health professional, and certain foods might interact with medications you are taking, so please discuss with your physician before taking the above.

For everyone else who simply went ahead and swallowed those eight tiny capsules, please comment below and let us know what helped and what didn’t, I’m sure other readers will be interested to know.

I sincerely hope the above supplement combination will help you feel better and get well quickly.

International Readers

When I traveled to places far far away (^_^) I noticed that Vitamin A in retinol form is “illegal” in many countries. I ended up in Chile buying a bottle of beta-carotene for $40 (What a rip off!) in a pharmacy, only to realize it’s completely useless for what I wanted. They should stop mislabeling beta-carotene as Vitamin A. It’s not the same thing. The pharmacist there as well as several pharmacists in Europe told me retinol isn’t permitted without a prescription.
If you don’t have access to high dose Vitamin A in retinol form (pre-formed Vitamin A), the only good sources I know are liver and cod liver oil. Ideally calf liver should be used but liver from any animal or fish will work. The only other “convenient” form you might find are cans of liver pate. They aren’t as strong but if you eat enough of it, like maybe 200g it might contain about 20,000 IU or so depending on the actual liver content. A while back I put together a nutrient reference database that you can use to find foods that are high in certain nutrients. Vitamin A is listed on page 697 if you open the above link. The nutrients listed in the database are per 100g of food.
Bottles of cod liver oil are another excellent high-dose source that might be available in your country, and they are convenient for travel, too, since the norovirus is something people often catch while traveling, not just on cruises.

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