Why are so many adolescents depressed?

a. They have to go to school. They feel like they are in a jail.
b. They realize how bad life will (probably) be
c. They realize you will not live forever
d. They realize what “stinkers” people can really be.
e. As social beings, they want to belong with a group. However, they are not accepted as individuals.
f. They realize that in life there are more questions than answers, even with Quora
g. They become hopeless and frustrated because they cannot deal with problems.
h. Because there is no one at home to help
i. Because the weather in is too often dark, damp and cold.
j. Because the media, teachers, parents put them under permanent pressure
k. Because they do not yet have a worldview in order to realize that many problems are actually nonexistent or solve themselves.

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