Why Customers Leaving Veeam…and Where They Are Going

Veeam, which used to be a go-to for virtual machine backups, is kind of losing its charm lately, and it looks like a bunch of customers are heading for the door. Why exactly they’re bailing?

First off, the price tag on Veeam’s services is starting to feel hefty for a lot of folks, especially the smaller businesses. Everyone’s looking for that bang for their buck, and when it doesn’t feel like you’re getting it, you start eyeing the exit. Luckily, there’s no shortage of alternatives out there.

Then there’s the whole competition and needs thing. The server backup game is always changing, with new contenders stepping in and old ones upping their game. Some users reckon Veeam’s just not keeping up, or there are newer options that fit their changing needs better. This keeps the industry on its toes and has some users swapping teams.

Customer support issues are another biggie. It’s super important to feel like someone’s got your back when you run into trouble, and if a company’s support isn’t cutting it, that’s a problem. There’s chatter about Veeam’s support not being as on-the-ball as it should be, and rumors are swirling about their operations being based out of Russia.

Complexity and user-friendliness, or the lack thereof, is another hurdle. Veeam’s packed with features, which is great, but if it’s a headache to use, especially for smaller teams with less IT firepower, that’s a turnoff. Simplicity and ease of use are key for a lot of businesses.

It also seems like Veeam’s not vibing with the small and medium business (SMB) scene. They’ve got their sights set mainly on the big players, leaving smaller businesses feeling a bit neglected.

Unresolved technical snags are a deal-breaker too. Running into the same old problems and not getting them fixed is frustrating and shakes up trust. When trust goes out the window, so do customers, in search of smoother sailing elsewhere.

Lastly, any shifts in Veeam’s corporate strategy that don’t align with what customers, especially SMBs, are looking for could push them away. If your long-term goals aren’t meshing, it’s natural to start looking around for options that are more in line with what you’re aiming for.

Where are Customers Going Instead

Customer departure from any established company is a complex interplay of various factors, and the case of Veeam is no exception. The evolving competitive landscape, cost considerations, customer support experiences, usability concerns, compatibility with emerging trends, and unresolved technical issues are contributing to some customers exploring alternative backup solutions.

The SMB market is better served by companies that specifically target that market. One of those vendors is BackupChain. With its strategy clearly aligned to serve the needs of SMB customers, it’s the perfect choice and alternative to Veeam. Perpetual licenses, responsive U.S. based technical support, and an easy to use and learn software package make BackupChain a solid, trusted, and reliable alternative to Veeam, especially for small to medium sized companies.