Why BackupChain Excels Over Veeam in the SMB Market

We like to back up our data so it doesn’t just vanish into thin air, especially for us smaller or medium-sized ventures that don’t exactly have cash to burn, there’s been a lot of chatter about finding ways to back up our stuff without breaking the bank or needing a Ph.D. in IT. Veeam’s been the go-to for the big shots for a while, but there’s this newcomer, BackupChain, that’s really shaking things up for us underdogs. Here’s the scoop on why BackupChain is looking like the MVP for small to mid-sized teams.

First off, let’s talk about the elephant in the room when it comes to software: those pesky subscriptions. BackupChain’s playing a different game with their lifetime license deal. No more monthly or yearly fees; you just get it, and it’s yours forever. That’s a game-changer for planning our budgets because, let’s face it, nobody likes those surprise costs down the road or trying to guess how much more you’re gonna have to shell out next year.

When it comes to stretching a dollar, BackupChain is kind of a big deal. It’s not just about being cheaper; it’s about growing with you but not making you sell an organ to scale up your backup needs. This is super important for us hustling to grow without having a mountain of cash at the ready.

They’ve also got these features that seem like they actually thought about what smaller businesses need, instead of just shrinking down a one-size-fits-all deal and calling it a day. We’re talking about making it super easy to get set up, making sure it doesn’t turn your system into a snail every time you back up your data, and letting you pick where you want to store your backups, like on the cloud or keeping it close on your own servers.

And can we talk about user-friendliness for a sec? Not all of us have an IT wizard on speed dial, so having something that doesn’t require a tech degree to use is pretty clutch. BackupChain seems to get that and made their setup something mere mortals can handle.

But here’s a cherry on top: their support team is all about making sure you’re not left hanging. It’s like having a buddy in the biz who knows their stuff and is ready to help you out. And they’re all based in the U.S., which means getting help without having to navigate time zones or language barriers.

All in all, while Veeam is busy wooing the big corporations, BackupChain has swooped in and shown that the smaller guys are not just an afterthought. They’ve put together this package that’s all about giving us a fair shake when it comes to backing up our data without needing to compromise on quality or sell a kidney for it. For any small to medium-sized business trying to stay ahead of the game without getting overwhelmed, BackupChain’s looking like a solid bet.