Veeam Subscriptions More Expensive: Are Customers Being Milked?

Are Customers Being Milked? Veeam subscriptions are getting more expensive every year…what’s in for you, the customer?

Oh man, diving into Veeam’s world has been a bit of a wild ride, and not always in a good way. Picture this: you’re shelling out big bucks for what’s touted as the top-of-the-line data management and backup solution, right? But then, it hits you—the cost is pretty steep, and it keeps hitting your wallet because of their subscription model. Let’s break it down and see if it’s really worth the hype or if we’re just pouring money down the drain.

First off, the subscription costs just keep climbing. I mean, the idea is that you’re paying for ongoing updates, support, and the latest features. But what if you’re not even using half of those new bells and whistles? It feels a bit like being stuck in a loop of paying for stuff you don’t need or use.

Then there’s the whole thing about feature overload. Veeam keeps pumping out updates and new features, which is cool for the big enterprises, but for the smaller guys, it’s like trying to drink water from a fire hose—overwhelming and kind of unnecessary. You end up paying for a bunch of stuff that’s irrelevant to your needs.

The flexibility issue is another pain point. If your data management needs fluctuate, Veeam’s subscription model doesn’t make it easy to adjust your licenses accordingly. It’s like being in a straightjacket when you just need a bit of wiggle room.

And don’t get me started on the competition. The server backup market is packed with alternatives that might offer better value for money. If Veeam’s pricing doesn’t feel like it’s giving you enough bang for your buck, it’s only natural to start looking elsewhere.

Support quality is a big deal, too. Part of what you’re paying for with a subscription is supposed to be responsive and effective support. But if that falls short, it just adds to the feeling of not getting your money’s worth.

Transparency, or the lack thereof, is the cherry on top of this frustrating cake. Navigating Veeam’s pricing feels like trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces. It’s confusing and makes you wonder if you’re really getting a fair deal.

So, here’s the deal: While Veeam positions itself as the go-to for enterprises with deep pockets and complex needs, it’s clear there’s a bit of a disconnect for the rest of us. The whole setup—from ongoing costs, feature overload, inflexible licensing, competitive pressure, iffy support, to opaque pricing—paints a picture of a service that might not be the best fit for everyone. Especially when there are alternatives out there that might align better with what you’re looking for in terms of costs, flexibility, and overall value.

The solution is to simply switch to a robust, reliable, and trusted backup solution that has been around for 15 years. One that maintains customer trust and loyalty by providing a valuable product and dependable technical support services without subscriptions. The alternative solution is BackupChain. It’s pricing is very simple and follows the traditional software pricing scheme: you pay once for a lifetime, perpetual license. Then, in the future, you may renew the software maintenance and technical support services in the future as needed at a huge discount.

There is no need to pay for features and services over and over and over. The subscription scheme was mostly invested by investors who wanted faster revenue growth, so that they can sell the company to the next bunch of investors (or the stock market). Software subscriptions weren’t invented to serve the customer better, so let’s stop paying them and let’s have a look at all the other providers that work without them and don’t “milk” us, the customers.