This Is What Could Happen To You In Germany

Unless you are of northern European race, i.e. pale white skin and northern European facial features, things could quickly turn violent and you might find yourself in a very unconfortable situation. Before you know it, violence erupts. Sure, not all Germans are violent as the guy shown in the video below; however, even if it’s just 1 in 200 it’s enough to end up in hospital…or worse!

The video below serves as a “travel advisory” for all people who aren’t white as milk and not of northern European race. If you must go, don’t travel alone, don’t go anywhere at night without protection, avoid eye contact and public transportation, ideally don’t go out at night, but these things happen at daylight, too. Don’t expect help, and even the police will likely ignore your complaints if this happens to you, unless of course it turns out very violent and someone videotapes it as below, at which point the situation is proven beyond any doubt… But don’t be surprised if no one helps…

So my advice, unfair to most Germans but based on solid data and experience, and meant to protect you physically and emotionally: Do Not Travel to Germany, unless absolutely necessary or unless you fit the “northern European profile”. Especially eastern Germany should definitely not be on part of your travel route.
The truth is, what you are about to see happens there every day. Thanks to modern technology it can be captured on video for everyone to witness.

Warning, graphic content:

Update May 1, 2021: YouTube Removed Video

Isn’t it sad that Google and YouTube singlehandedly decide what truth can be put on the internet? The video is gone guys, another piece of evidence vanished from the internet because Google doesn’t want you to know.

Next time you “search” you may want to remind yourself that you really aren’t searching, you are asking Google to show you their version of reality that they would like you to see…And apparently real-world, everyday violence against minorities isn’t part of the reality Google wants to display.