More Proof for Sunlight = Less Covid

A brand new study was published today: “Seasonal UV exposure and vitamin D: Association with the dynamics of COVID-19 transmission in Europe” and confirms a correlation has been suspected for a long time: if you want protection from Covid, you need sunlight.

Quote from the article: “…We observed that low temperature, UV index, and cloud-free vitamin D UV dose (UVDVF) levels are negatively correlated with COVID-19 prevalence in Europe.”.

And, “..The findings of this study suggest that low UV exposure can affect the required production of vitamin D in the body, which substantially influences the dynamics of COVID-19 transmission and severity.” Emphasis is mine, of course.

The conclusions I draw from this are simple: I don’t use sunscreen, I try to get as much sunlight as possible, I take a strong Vitamin D several times a week (5,000 IU), and check Vitamin D levels annually. However, this study didn’t look into other antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, such as Vitamin B, C, and zinc, which are also critical to protect against covid.

At the very beginning of 2020, it was already assumed that covid would spread similar to the flu with some dependence on seasonality. As we have seen in the past seven seasons, there is a strong correlation between the level of UV light and covid infections. Therefore, perhaps the worst thing to do in this crisis is to stay indoors, since that would bring down your vitamin D levels and make infections even more likely.

Are diminishing vitamin D levels perhaps one of the reasons why lockdowns didn’t really help?