Covid19 Vaccination Deaths 4/2021: 112M Vaccinated, 2000 Deaths

Here’s an update of the Covid19-related vaccine deaths stats for April 9, 2021. Google reports over 112 million people are now vaccinated in the U.S., this means the individuals have received at least one vaccination dose. Click on images to view as large image:

The official VAERS statistics today are shown below. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a system managed by the U.S. government, the Center of Disease Control (CDC):

You can access these statistics yourself at this page The number of deaths related to Covid-19 vaccines reported until April 9, 2021 was exactly 2,021. Given that an estimated 112 million people were vaccinated so far, the risk of dying from a Covid-19, based on the preliminary data we have so far is: 2,021 / 112,000,000 which is roughly 1 in 55,400.

You might ask, if the risk of dying from the Covid-19 vaccine is 1 in 55,400, then what is the actual risk of dying from Covid-19 itself by comparison? This would depend on how it’s calculated. If we use the current mortality statistics at, for the US., about 550,000 people have died from Covid-19. Divided by a population of 330 million, that’s 0.00166, or 1 in 600. So if the mortality numbers are in fact correct, the Covid-19 virus has already killed 1 in 600 U.S. residents. On average, hence, given the numbers we have, and we should definitely not read too much into them, the risk of dying from a vaccine, is on average 92 times lower than dying from Covid-19. However, there are several issues to keep in mind with these statistics:

  1. The VAERS system is known to be underutilized and deaths are likely underreported. Physicians are not required to report these deaths, especially when they are not evidently linked to the vaccine. How would someone prove a vaccine death? It’s easy to blame the vaccine for everything and it’s also easy to claim the death was circumstantial when perhaps it was not.
  2. Not everyone was yet exposed physically to the virus
  3. Not everyone was yet vaccinated (and vaccinated twice)
  4. The pandemic is not over yet. New virtus variants may render the vaccines ineffective and cause more deaths. The virus could hence become even more deadlier and the vaccine less effective.
  5. Not all side-effects are known yet. Deaths are not the only serious outcomes. Disabilities, cancers, strokes, heart attacks may also be substantial in numbers and weren’t considered in the above statistics.
  6. The risk of dying from Covid-19 appears to be increasing with age. Young people are very unlikely to be harmed by it. The risk of death, if we can trust the Johns Hopkins numbers, is significantly higher in older people. Some people speculate, however, that the Covid-19 tests aren’t properly validated and they might produce a lot of false positives.

So are we all ready to vaccinate? I’ll leave that question to you to decide for yourself….

Update April 13, 2021: Johnson & Johnson also has a blood clot problem

Like AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson apparently also has a blood clot problem, see So I understand the concerns some people have waiting for a while before jumping on the ship.


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