Covid-19 Deaths Prevented by 100mg Vitamin B1

An amazing study was published today, titled “Evaluation of thiamine as adjunctive therapy in COVID-19 critically ill patients: a two-center propensity score matched study “. The direct link to the study is:

It turns out, a simple vitamin, namely Vitamin B1, in minuscule doses of just 100mg is enough to have this enormous effect on mortality:

Quote: “Study outcomes

There were fifteen patients (18.1%) who died during ICU stay among the thiamine group, compared with thirty patients (36.1%) in the other group. In other words, patients who received thiamine as adjunctive therapy during ICU stay had a lower 30-day mortality rate by 63%

“… Additionally, it was associated with a lower incidence of thrombosis.

Let’s put this in perspective, 63% fewer Covid-19 deaths from a simple Vitamin B1 pill at 100mg daily. Thousands of people take 50mg of this vitamin every day, just like that for maintenance. To my knowledge, vitamin B1 has virtually no known toxicity. You could take grams per day. See Thiamin Health Professional Fact Sheet.

It’s studies like the above that remind me of several conclusions I have drawn over the years:

  • The fact that this study is being published in 2021, six decades after orthomolecular medicine had established that vitamins work at high dosages to cure a range of diseases, is an indication that our doctors appear to still know almost nothing about basic biochemistry, anti-oxidants, or God forbid, natural remedies. If they had given covid patients a good dose of antioxidants, they could have saved thousands of people. But sticking to their pharma-sponsored worldview is evidently more important to our physicians than saving lives.
  • in addition, they have no interest in filling that knowledge gap.
  • go to the hospital or take your doctor’s advice at your own risk
  • vitamins aren’t “expensive urine”. It’s usually just ignorant and arrogant doctors making such ridiculous statements, but we still hear it from our doctors if we make the “mistake” of bringing up the subject.
  • It’s becoming evident that Covid-19 deaths would have been far, far lower if at least some of the people had stayed home instead of going to the hospital, and if they had used supplements instead, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, NAC, Vitamin A (as retinol), and a Vitamin B complex.
  • Countless studies last year and this year have already shown that antioxidants help enormously against Covid-19 and prevent mortality in the majority of cases. A simple PubMed search is all it takes to find them.
  • It helps to visit and do your own research, and stay on top of the latest developments. It appears the average physician isn’t going to.

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