How to Fix: Bosch Dishwasher not Dissolving Tablet / Soap

bosch dishwasher tablet not disolving reasonYour Bosch dishwasher doesn’t dissolve the tablet or soap fully? Here’s the fix! Finally!

In this post I’ll discuss how I fixed my Bosch dishwasher. This one at the right is actually my second Bosch, the first one was identical and lasted only about three years.

The Symptom: Tablet or Soap Powder does not Dissolve: Dishes Dirty…

Is your dishwasher driving you nuts? I was about to throw it out the window like its predecessor because patience is low these days.

Symptom #1: the tablet gets stuck in the handle area shown as A, see picture at the right.

Obviously you have already:

checked hot water temperature is above 120F (50C)

and that the strainer filter at the bottom is completely clean. This was the cause of death of my previous Bosch dishwasher. The filter needs to be religiously cleaned once a month or the pump will die prematurely.

The Fix: Design Flaw Causes Pipe to Loosen “B”

As you can see in the in the picture above, arrow B points to the gray pipe which runs from the bottom pump along the depth of the dishwasher, and then up.

The reason why the tablet was not dissolving was that the pipe loosened up and very little water made its way up. The tablet was getting stuck at “A” shown above because hardly any water was sprayed around at the top.

You need to push the pipe all the way down until you hear a “click”. Once in the correct position proceed as usual and load the dirtiest dishes you can find. And since you made your hands dirty you might as well use the opportunity and clean the strainer filter once again, just in case. Reduced water flow due to dirty filters may also impact water pressure inside the dishwasher, which could also lead to tablets and powder not dissolving.

Shame on you Bosch, this is clearly a product design flaw that could have been easily avoided…

Thank You for Visiting this Blog…hopefully this Fixed the Problem!

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